Rules of Operation for Mistrider Radio

By Ricky Bradley on Friday, February 17, 2012 at 1:31 PM

Upon agreeing to being a dj, you must do as many live shows as possible and you will use microphone, and you have agreed to the preceding rules, and will follow them, exceptions to rules can only be approve by owners

Rules of Operation for Mistrider Radio
Co-Owner - Tsani (petpeve)
Co-Owner - Ricky
Manager – Lavaboy
Staff - Urasmas

Established Air Time:

1) Each DJ has been given the opportunity to choose a time slot for their show. Each DJ will use that, and ONLY that time slot for their show. It will NOT be permitted for anyone to run his show past his time slot without permission.

2) All DJ's should plan their shows in advance, so that the show ends on time, if not a few minutes before. We will allow for 3 minute overrun, compensating for difference in times, but that’s it. If not off, your stream Will be kicked, and you will receive a 1-show suspension.

3) If you cannot do your regularly scheduled show, you MUST notify either the owners or the manager ASAP. If you know in advance that you cannot do your show, you may find a replacement yourself. However, you must inform either the owners, or the manager, prior to air time. They have the right to agree, or disagree with that replacement. THEIR SAY IS FINAL. Do not argue the point with them<, we also realize thing in life come up and have miss your show

4).Dj should attempt to be online 10 mins before show time and make contact with dj that currently on air, if dj is more than 10 mins from start of a hour show, and more than more than 15 mins for 2 hour show it is up to the dj that’s covering to decide if they will hand over the show, management will not required the cover dj to hand over show however that person must stay on for the full time slot.

5). Missing shows without notice for weeks at a time then showing backup expecting to do your show as if nothing happened will no longer be tolerated. if a dj returns without a good reason and his or her time slot has already been given away it will not be returned, if dj returns with good reason we will do are best to get them a new time slot, all dj that have given advance notice, will retain there tome slot when they return, we understand life issues and always be farit to help person with ligament reason to regain show times month period.

6). our primary rule is to have fun and not fight and bicker with each other and on purpose stealing of shows is automatic suspension validation of this rules will be deal with by the owners and management of this station, irc staff is no necessary radio staff, problems should be addressed by proper department